Temporary Residence Permits In Chile

Temporary Residence Permits In Chile: Explained

Embarking on a Chilean adventure requires more than just a suitcase and dreams; it demands navigating the world of temporary residence permits. Don’t Worry! We’ve got your back!

This comprehensive guide cuts through the red tape, offering expats a clear pathway to legally embracing the vibrant life in Chile. From the bustling streets of Santiago to the mystic landscapes of Patagonia, securing your temporary residence permit is your first step towards calling Chile home.

Let’s dive in!

Who Needs A Chile Temporary Resident Visa?

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In Chile, anyone planning to stay in the country for more than 90 days must obtain a visa, regardless of nationality. 

If you’re a foreigner aiming to establish a long-term presence in Chile for reasons such as work, study, or residency for up to two years, you must apply for a Temporary Resident Visa. 

It’s crucial to understand that you may not need a visa if your intended stay is shorter than 90 days

Certain foreign nationals are granted entry to Chile without a visa for tourism, visiting friends or relatives, or seeking medical treatment.

Am I Eligible For A Chile Temporary Resident Visa?

You may qualify for a Chile Temporary Resident Visa if:

  • You are a family member of a Chilean citizen or possess a Definitive Permanence Permit, which is available for spouses, children, or parents.
  • You were born in Chile, but neither of your parents holds Chilean citizenship.
  • You previously resided in Chile, but:
  • You left the country for less than 5 years and lost your residency status.
  • You lost your Definitive Permanence status because you were absent from the country for more than 1 year.
  • You are retired or generate income from investments or property.
  • You are a businessperson, investor, or merchant whose activities benefit Chile.
  • You are a professional, journalist, media professional, or senior technician employed in Chile but compensated by a foreign company.
  • You are participating in an internship or academic program in Chile.
  • You are engaged in religious work.

If you do not meet any of these criteria, it is recommended that you consult with a Chilean consulate to determine your eligibility for a Chile Temporary Resident Visa.

What Documents Are Required For A Chile Temporary Resident Visa Application?

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When applying for a Chile Temporary Resident Visa, you’ll need to provide several documents:

  • Copies of relevant passport pages (personal information, expiry/issue date, previous visas). Your passport should be valid for at least six more months.
  • A colored photo of yourself meeting specific requirements: 4.5 x 4.5 cm, professionally taken against a plain white or off-white background, with a neutral facial expression and everyday clothing (no glasses or hats covering your hair/face).
  • Police clearance certificate from your country and any country where you’ve lived for over five years.
  • A certified medical practitioner issued a health certificate within the past six months, confirming good health and no contagious diseases.
  • A copy of the flight ticket/itinerary, proof of income (bank statements), a cover letter explaining your travel reasons, and contact information in Chile are required.
  • An invitation letter from your contact in Chile specifies the purpose of your visit and the residential address.
  • Additional documents may be required depending on your purpose of travel (joining a family member, internship/work/academic reasons, minors, contracts, academic qualifications, etc.).
  • Application and personal information forms are typed in English. These can usually be downloaded from the appropriate consulate’s website.

Note: This list may not cover all required documents, as authorities may request additional items during the application process. 

It’s advisable to contact a Chilean consulate for specific document requirements applicable to your situation before submission.

You must apply for the Chile Temporary Resident Visa online to begin the process. Once your online application is processed and approved, you must submit your passport and supporting documents to a Chilean consulate to obtain the visa stamp.

Online Application Process

  • Access the designated website and select your preferred language.
  • Navigate to the “Visa Application” section and provide your details, including age, passport number, country of residence, and nationality.
  • Based on your country of residence, you’ll be directed to the relevant Chilean consulate for application processing.
  • After completing each section, save the Verification/Validation code for future reference if you need to resume your application.
  • Attach electronic copies of all required documents outlined in the “Requirements” section.

Obtaining The Visa Stamp

  • While the application is submitted online, the visa is stamped in your passport at a Chilean consulate.
  • You’ll receive an email notification once your online visa application is approved, prompting you to schedule an appointment at the consulate.
  • Visit the consulate in person with your passport and original documents for verification.
  • Chilean consulates may only be available in some countries, potentially requiring you to travel to another country for visa stamping.
  • Some consulates may offer the option to submit your passport and documents via post, so it’s advisable to check with the relevant consulate for specific procedures.

Upon approval of your visa application, you’ll receive instructions for payment of the Chilean Temporary Resident Visa fee.

Chile Temporary Resident Visa Fee

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The Chile Temporary Resident Visa fee is only payable upon approval of your application. You won’t be required to pay any fees if your application is denied.

Payment is typically made on the day of your consulate appointment or beforehand, following the instructions in the email notification you receive.

The visa fees vary depending on the country and typically fall within the range of $50 to $150. The exact amount you must pay will be specified after completing your online visa application for Chile.

Processing Time For Chile Temporary Resident Visa

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Chilean visa processing typically takes around 15-20 working days. However, it’s essential to consider that your appointment to receive the visa may be scheduled several days after processing is complete.

To ensure timely processing, applying for your visa approximately 30-60 days before your planned travel to Chile is advisable.

Furthermore, many Chilean consulates do not accept visa applications submitted within 20 or 30 working days before the intended travel date.

What Is The Duration Of A Chile Temporary Resident Visa?

The duration of a Chile Temporary Resident Visa spans a maximum of one year upon issuance, granting you the privilege of residing in the country for this specified period. 

Should you choose to extend your stay beyond the initial year, you have the opportunity for one renewal, effectively allowing for a total duration of two years under the Temporary Resident Visa.

After concluding these 2 years, you must continue your presence in Chile. 

You have two primary options at this juncture: pursue permanent residency status, known as Definitive Permanence, or make arrangements to depart from Chile by visa regulations.

Is It Possible To Bring Dependents With A Chile Temporary Resident Visa?

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Indeed, holders of a Chile Temporary Resident Visa can bring their dependents along, including their spouses, children under 18, and parents. 

However, it’s essential to recognize that each dependent must initiate their visa application process, known as the Dependent Temporary Resident Visa, which involves following the same procedural steps as the primary visa applicant.

While accompanying the visa holder in Chile, dependents typically only have authorization to participate in employment activities if they obtain specific approval

Moreover, as the primary visa holder, you are responsible for demonstrating your capacity to support your dependents financially throughout their stay in Chile.

To formalize their relationship with the visa holder, each dependent must furnish documentary evidence, such as birth certificates, confirming their familial ties.

Furthermore, the visa holder’s spouse should provide their marriage certificate as part of their visa application.


Benefits of Obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit in Chile:

✅ Extended Stay: A temporary residence permit allows you to stay in Chile longer, enabling you to immerse yourself in the culture, explore the country, or pursue personal and professional opportunities.

✅ Work Authorization: With a temporary residence permit, you may be eligible to work in Chile, opening up employment possibilities and enhancing your career prospects.

✅ Access To Education: Students holding a temporary residence permit can enroll in educational institutions in Chile, benefiting from the diverse academic opportunities available in the country.

✅ Family Reunification: The permit allows you to bring your family members, such as your spouse, children, or parents, to Chile, facilitating family reunification and sharing experiences in a new environment.

✅ Legal Status: Holding a temporary residence permit provides legal status in Chile, ensuring compliance with immigration laws and regulations and offering peace of mind during your stay.

✅ Integration Opportunities: Living in Chile with a temporary residence permit allows you to integrate into the local community, build connections, and participate in social, cultural, and civic activities.

✅ Path To Permanent Residence: In some cases, a temporary residence permit serves as a pathway to permanent residence in Chile, providing the opportunity for long-term settlement and citizenship eligibility.

Overall, obtaining a temporary residence permit in Chile offers various benefits, enhancing your experience and opportunities while living in this vibrant and diverse country.


As you conclude this guide, remember that obtaining a temporary residence permit in Chile is more than a bureaucratic hurdle; it’s the key to unlocking a rich tapestry of experiences and opportunities.

Armed with the right information and resources, you’re now prepared to take on this essential step with confidence. Chile’s welcoming arms and unparalleled beauty await, so with permit in hand, step into your new adventure with ease.

Permit Possessed!

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